About packer

As technology of today is divided into groups client side and server side for making things better. Now world is moving towards single page application, web apps which are mainly based on Html, javascript, Css. Now the point comes when google page speed says combine and minify your js, css for better performance. I think every developer is facing these problems then we develop this console application for windows. This will merge and minify both js, css.

Packer gives you flexibility to create a group of bundle / package of js, ts & css using PackerConfig.json.


This tool is totally free. To download the package Click here


This tool is for Windows User with .Net 4.5 framework. Or install .Net 4.5


1. Download & extract the zip file.

2. Copy package directory and paste to any location.

3. Now add the path of packer.exe to Environmental Variables > System Variables > Path. As you added system variables you have to restart your PC.

Now its ready.

How to use?

1. Open your Html, js, css project.

2. Create file named as PackerConfig.json

Below code show the structure of file. As you can see we develop packer easily configurable according to developer.

Note : Please dont include files which are already bundled. Example jquery.js, angular.js....

3. After creating PackerConfig.json file, open command prompt navigated to your project directory contain PackerConfig.json.

4. Run Command : packer build

That's it. You can find your output file on destination.


For build : packer build

For version : packer ver